Lesson 1 ( sketch block )

On this occasion I will show a video about making sketch block for simulation. The purpose of this video is to know the simulation of the movement of an object (kinematics) by using 2D sketch.

video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTkvjk13ehg

Have a good time watching.

Thank you
Audi Adham



Hello,  All

My name audi adham

I make this blog is to show  my 3D cad solid model thats i was make. 

I was work to be design and drafter for 12th years.  

I am familiar with some 3D cad model software,  like as : solidwork and autocad. 

I can help you to make 3D cad and 2D cad files. 

I can make it from sketch,  picture or pdf files with dimension. 

I can do reverse engineeriing too.  Just send me your parts and i will make it to you. 

If you need my help just contact me via email or skype:

My email: audiadham@gmail.com 

My skype: audi adham

Thanks and Best Regard

Audi Adham